February 09, 2015

Feel of winter

One day when fresh snow arrived I decided to take a stroll around our village with my camera though I didn't expect capturing much. Seemingly, there isn't much to capture in the village after having lived there for a few years. Yet I was proven wrong once again because I "found" a few captures I really liked. For example this gate leading... where exactly? Into your childhood? That's a Mirabelle bush where local children like to hide and play.

A part of the village is a bit remote and the road leading to that part represents a path where the locals - including my family - go for a stroll from time to time when the weather is nice. One doesn't meet many cars on the road which makes the strolling pleasant.

You may imagine that I've taken quite a few photos of the road but they are never the same. 

You look at the same road but see different seasons, feel different emotions, gather different thoughts.

In the photo below, there is the building of the municipal office in the village and I've never liked it more than in this capture. It looks so soft which somewhat contradicts the fact that representatives of the village meet in its offices to decide on budget and further development, some of the locals meet in its pub to discuss news and chat with one another, and a fire machine is kept in its garage...

I have to confess that all the effort I've made and all the information I've gathered recently in the field of photography influence significantly the way I see and understand the world around me. I may never become as good a photographer as I would like to be but the goals I set took me somewhere. 

Today I came across a thought H. D. Thoreau expressed: "What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals." I had to think about what my goals had been and what I've become by achieving them. It's all part of the personal path which winds through our lives and I agree that by setting our goals we shape ourselves. Yet evidently more than we would have expected when setting them.

January 01, 2015

PF 2015

2014 is over and when I look back at it, I can see so many things that challenged me, enriched me and pushed me forward. We may be a year older but also we are a year more experienced and that counts. I became strongly aware of the fact that circumstances of our lives are never ideal but offer us many chances to grow personally and follow our dreams. And learn or develop something we should have done years ago but perhaps needed to grow up to it. 

I didn't share many posts on this blog in 2014 but I'm pleased to say that I successfully finished my 52-week photography project I started at the beginning of the year and those of you who didn't follow it throughout the year may have a look at the wrap-up post here.

2015 has just begun and whether you have entered it filled with resolutions or just decided to stay open to what the New Year will bring, I wish you to have strength and courage at your side.

November 02, 2014

Art in Klenová

In my previous post I promised to share some information about art we could see in Klenová and here I am to fulfil my promise. 

The castle in Klenová serves to present works of art in many forms. During our visit we saw an exhibition of paintings, an exhibition of photographs and several statues placed in the premises of the castle. There were more than you will see in my photos but these were the ones that impressed me most. Please take into account that looking at my captures doesn't correspond entirely to standing in the statues's nearness and even touching them...

I have to admit that I quite regret now that I didn't write down the names of the pieces and their creators, I've captured just two labels along with the works. You may not know the artists as well as I don't know them but it suddenly seems right to state their authorship. Next time I intend to keep this aspect in mind.

Here is one of the identifiable: "Bull from Corrida" by Vincenc Vingler. We saw it right after our arrival and my attention was captured right away. It is made of metal, needless to add, I guess.

Do you remember that small church in the previous post? For that post I cropped the photo somewhat to avoid confusing you but here you can see what the scenery looked like: 

In fact, we were disappointed by the "marred" view of the church but I really loved a detail of the feet. When looked at closely, they seemed to be made out of paper. 

The following sculpture was named "Medusa" and it reminded me of Jules Verne's novels. I took also a detail of the base which you could see posted in my photoblog for the Week 41 when we visited Klenová.

The metal ball below represents an "Endless tablecloth" by Čestmír Suška, what an apt name! Would you expect humour attached to a ball?

In the inner yard of the castle I saw an enormous sculpture I didn't know what to think about:

Only after getting around it and looking at it from another angle I realized I had seen it from behind, the front part discovered a figure.

A figure of a very modern interpretation of a knight, to be precise...

From the same entrance you could see another sculpture, this time of a "car driver":

I've taken quite a few photos of this sculpture, it looked very different when captured from the entrance:

... and from another spot in the yard:

Of course, the blue sky made it shine...

I admire that imagination that leads to creation of such art works as well as I admire the courage to share them with the public. You may like them or not, either way they change the way you perceive the life itself.